Seminar series image
Stanford's Siegfried Glenzer presents a seminar at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

The HEDS Center’s outreach to the university community includes the organization of conferences, workshops, seminars, classes, and short courses in topical areas of common interest to the HEDS community. The center’s work is carried out in collaboration with LLNL colleagues engaged in HEDS research and with faculty colleagues from University of California campuses and other universities with unique HEDS capabilities (theoretical, computational, and experimental). The center’s vision is to form and foster a virtual HEDS campus that brings together LLNL researchers and diverse academic partners.

Recent educational activities arranged by the center include:

  • A quarter-length graduate-level Extreme Physics course taught by LLNL’s Jeff Colvin, available to LLNL staff and UC San Diego students for credit or professional development
  • Short courses taught by LLNL’s Stefan Hau-Riege and Hui Chen on and x-ray free-electron lasers and National Ignition Facility diagnostics, respectively, available to LLNL and partner university staff, students, and postdocs
  • A nuclear processes in dense plasmas workshop held at LLNL to bring together the nuclear and HEDS communities to discuss important nuclear physics questions