Spotlight on our Scientists

HEDS researcher Tammy Ma poses in front of the National Ignition Facility taregt chamber

Scientist Spotlight: Tammy Ma

Tammy Ma is a plasma physicist at LLNL, who leads experiments aimed at achieving fusion ignition at the Lab's National Ignition Facility, as well as research regarding multi-ps, short-pulse, laser-driven particle acceleration. 

Two researchers prepare targets for laser experiment.

Scientist Spotlight: Marius Millot

LLNL physicist Marius Millot and a multi-institutional team recently created superionic ice during a series of dynamic compression experiments. The results offer new insight into the formation and composition of the solar system’s ice giants—Uranus and Neptune.

HEDS Center Director Frank Graziani poses in the National Ignition Facility visitor's center

Scientist Spotlight: Frank Graziani

As director of LLNL's HED Science Center, physicist Frank Graziani works to foster collaborations in HED research and education.