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The HEDS Center is committed to expanding access to informal learning and formal educational opportunities in HED science that span all levels of career development.

We offer a range of informal, not-for-credit learning experiences, including our weekly seminars, as well as workshops and conferences that we co-host with academic institutions, other national labs, and professional associations.

We also collaborate with university faculty to develop curriculum in emerging areas of HED science, including short courses that last a few weeks, as well as full-length, for-credit courses offered in collaboration with universities.

Join us in shaping the future of HED science education

We invite university faculty to collaborate with us to expand HED science learning opportunities at your institution, teach a short course at LLNL, or partner with us to raise awareness of career pathways in HED science. Please contact our Center Director, Frank Graziani, to discuss how we can support your efforts to expand the scope of HED science education available to your students and increase access to educational opportunities.

We also invite HED science experts, as well as early career researchers and scholars, to visit LLNL and deliver a seminar for our staff, postdocs, and interns. If you are interested in being part of these events where we discuss emerging areas of HED science, we invite you to contact our Center’s Seminar Series Chair, Paul Grabowski, at grabowski5 [at] (grabowski5[at]llnl[dot]gov).