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The HEDS Center at LLNL is dedicated to helping the next generation of HED science experts explore career options, expand their knowledge, and connect with other scientists who are exploring matter and energy under extreme conditions.

We offer paid opportunities for student interns, postdocs, and early-career scientists to conduct research at LLNL, where you can access our world-class laser facilities and conduct research side-by-side with our scientists. At LLNL, you will also benefit from our ongoing seminar series, where HEDS leaders from LLNL and other institutions share their insight.

Student Internships

UCSD graduate students Sophie Parsons and Ross Turner prepare targets for use on Livermore’s compact ultrafast laser system.

Students can complete a summer project on a HEDS topic through several LLNL internship programs:

  • The High Energy Density Science Center Internship is for undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying matter at extreme conditions—whether it is the center of the sun, the cores of the giant planets or the thermonuclear fusion occurring in an inertial confinement fusion capsule, extreme pressures, extreme temperatures, and extreme densities.
  • The Defense Science and Technology Internship at LLNL offers graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct experimental, theoretical, and computational research in disciplines such as astrophysics, hydrodynamics, turbulence, plasma physics, inertial confinement physics, and radiation/particle transport.
  • The National Ignition Facility and Photon Science Student Internship enables undergraduate and graduate students to engage in R&D in lasers, plasma physics, electro-optics, software development, and optical, x-ray, and nuclear instrument development and testing.
  • In addition, graduate students can apply for an NNSA fellowship in HED physics, providing support for students who conduct research in areas related to NNSA’s mission.
  • Learn more about internships on the LLNL Students website, which includes information about housing and transportation options.

Postdoctoral Researcher Roles

The center offers a highly competitive, two-year postdoctoral position at LLNL. The fellowship is open to researchers working in all HED-related disciplines. Fellows are free to pursue their own research agenda under the guidance of a senior staff scientist who serves as a mentor. We invite you to find out more about this opportunity to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship in HED science by visiting our postdoctoral fellowship information page.

In addition, LLNL offers other postdoctoral fellowship opportunities in a range of areas. You can find out more about upcoming opportunities by visiting LLNL’s postdoc webpage.

Faculty Research and Teaching Opportunities

The center collaborates with experts from academia and other research institutions to expand access to educational opportunities in HEDS, for instance, by collaborating on the development or instruction of a short course. We offer paid mini-sabbaticals, lasting between one and three months, enabling HEDS experts to come on site to LLNL and teach a course.

If you are interested in developing or teaching a short course, please email our center administrator, Jessica Karlton, at karlton1 [at] (karlton1[at]llnl[dot]gov), with a description of your idea. To learn more about short courses delivered by the center and its collaborators, visit our education page.

LLNL also offers collaborative research opportunities through a mini-sabbatical program offered by LLNL’s University Relations Program. Faculty from U.S. universities join us for 1‒3 months for a paid sabbatical.

Career Positions

We are always looking for talented scientists who want to work in our exciting, multidisciplinary research environment. We invite you to search current job postings on the LLNL careers page. Or feel free to contact the HEDS Center leadership team to discuss career options.

Please explore here for other opportunities.