Researcher Hui Chen sets up an experiment in the Titan target chamber at the Jupiter laser facility

At LLNL, our scientists explore solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in HED science, including challenges that impact our national security.

To bring us closer to finding solutions, the HEDS Center facilitates connections across the research community, accelerating efforts to establish new research collaborations where experts can share their knowledge, and early career investigators can receive the mentoring they need to be ready to solve tomorrow’s problems and shape the future of HED science.

Another key benefit of these types of collaborations is providing the research community with access to LLNL’s world-class experimental facilities, including our powerful lasers and high-performance computers. By fostering access to these resources, we provide a venue for early-career scientists to gain hands-on experience using sophisticated experimental tools, while also sparking ideas regarding future enhancements to experimental resources.

Facilitating research collaborations

Examples of our efforts to foster new research collaborations include:

  • The HED Science Consortium, led by Florida A&M University, which will expand opportunities for students and faculty from three academic institutions to partner with LLLNL on HED science research initiatives.

  • The Center for Matter under Extreme Conditions, an NNSA Center of Excellence managed by UC San Diego that includes LLNL, along with other national labs and academic institutions, who facilitate interaction between national lab scientists and university leaders to foster cutting-edge, collaborative research.

  • The LaserNetUS consortium, which provides students and scientists with broad access to unique, ultra-powerful laser facilities, including LLNL’s Jupiter Laser Facility (JLF), and fosters collaborations between scientists who want to advance the frontiers of ultra-fast laser science.

Join us in collaborative HED science research

Exciting research is taking place at LLNL, and we are eager to expand our research collaborations with HED science scholars at all career levels. We invite you to explore collaborative opportunities, including:

  • Programs for university faculty and national lab staff, enabling investigators to share knowledge through an on-site residency

  • Postdoctoral fellowships

  • Internships and other opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students

If you are interested in discussing opportunities to engage in research collaborations with HED science experts at LLNL and across the research community, contact the HEDS Center Director, Frank Graziani.